Tuesday, May 11, 2010

L. Subramaniam- Le Violon de l'Inde du Sud (Ocora)

An amazing record. L. Subramaniam is a South Indian (Karnatic) violin master. This is him at his best.

The raga below isn't on the album, but this clip should give you some idea:

Mediafire Download Link: L. Subramanium- Le Violon de l'Inde du Sud (Ocora)

1. Raga Mohanam: Âlâpana
2. Raga Kirvani: Râgam
3. Raga Kirvani: Tânam
4. Raga Kirvani: Pallavî
5. Raga Kirvani: Râgamâlikâ: Vasanta-Priyâ, Khadyota-Kânnti

*For another great Karnatic/Subramanium upload, see at the 4cd Anthologie de la Musique Classique de l'Inde du Sud over at the Different Waters Blog.


nastyskimmedmilk said...

perhaps you ve already got these but just in case...


Emon said...

He's great! Check out L. Shankar as well.