Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LUZMILA CARPIO Cantos Quechua y Aymaras (Bolivia, 1989)

Luzmila Carpio: "I use the language and music of my people, that of the Indian land, of our mountains, of our lakes, of the air we breathe. I sing my love for the land which witnessed my birth, the land of my ancestors. I speak of Pachamama, Mother Earth, of harmony and love, of the role of women in our civilization, of coexistence between man and nature within a cosmic order, of our traditions, which must not be lost."

I love this like crazy. Luzmila Carpio rings out like an authentic madwoman, channelling free-spirited Andean comtemporary (avant?) folk with the self-assured, inspired strangeness of a near-shaman. Hers is an incredible sound. And for me to call her mad is just the loftiest, most admiring praise of her creative character that I can possibly seems to muster. It would seems that our fair blogosphere has thusfar yielded only a 128kbps version of this disc, but I can say its sounds plenty good to me. Heavenly music. Highly recommended, friends.

DL: Luzmila Carpio - Cantos Quechua y Aymaras (1989)

Original Source: DÍAS DE SOL (thank you!)

Album Stream:

01 sumaq papa puquchinsun (buena papa produciremos)
02 ch'uwa yaku kawsaypuni (el agua cristalina es vida)
03 riqsiqakasunchik (seremos reconcidos)
04 yanapariwayku (ayudennos)
05 tunupan samiripa (inspiración de tunupa)
06 kutimpuchkani (estoy regresando)
07 achamamata t'ikanchasun (adoremos a la madre tierra)
08 qalay qalay (piedra sobre piedra)
09 jach'a tatala (gran señor)
10 arawi
11 warmikuna yupay-chasqapuni kasunchik (las mujeres debemos ser respetadas)
12 warmip kawsaynin (la vida de las mujeres)
13 sumaj awaq karmi (buena tejedora)
14 jula jula wanku
15 ayllunchik kawsachun (que vivan nuestras comunidades)
16 unkumanta (profundamente)
17 kuntur mallku (señor condor)
18 wawa tusuchinapaq phatitan (melodias de danzas para bebés)

*Not an above album track, but an old favorite, and essential viewing:


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