Sunday, September 11, 2011

(V/A) Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia in Japan (Hiruko, 2011)

"Ongaku 70 is the ultimate beginner’s guide to the Japanese psychedelia era. A incredible set of 13 tunes released between 1969 and 1978 including Osamu Kitajima, Stomu Yamash’ta’s Red Buddha Theatre, Akiko Yano, Sadistic Mika Band, Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band, The Apryl Fool, Rabi Nakayama, Karuna Khyal, Kuni Kawachi & His Group, Toshiaki Tsushima, J.A. Caesar & Shirubu, Maki Asakawa and Les Rallizes Denudes. Neither group sounds nor hard rock here, only deep psychedelic rock with local instruments and native language. Be sure to hear the finest hours of Japanese 1970s music." (InSound)

A real oddball digest of 70s Japanese psych/prog. Big ups to Owl for throwing this nice 320 package my way. Looks like it was upped in Flac by Kel bazar over at Avax, back in May. Dig it.

(V/A) Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia in Japan (Hiruko, 2011) 320 kbps.

A1 Osamu Kitajima – Tengu
A2 Stomu Yamash'Ta'S Red Buddha Theatre – Awa Odori
A3 Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour
A4 Sadistic Mika Band – Nanika Ga Umi Wo Yatte Kuru
A5 Harry Hosono* & Yellow Magic Band, The – Shambhala Signal
A6 Apryl Fool, The* – The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)
B1 Rabi Nakayama – Good Night!
B2 Karuna Khyal – Alomoni 1985 (Edited Version)
B3 Kuni Kawachi & His Group – The Cat
B4 Toshiaki Tsushima – Ape Society
B5 J.A. Caesar* & Shirubu – Jigoku No Orufe
B6 Maki Asakawa – Govinda
B7 Les Rallizes Denudes – Strong Out Deeper Than The Night (Edited Version)


shiner said...

this one is so great. i had hard time digging japanese psych music. but this one is a real gem
thanks guys

litlgrey said...

Oooh, YES please!

Holly said...

Many thanks Nick & Owl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

love that shit!


Cadwalladr said...

I have been coming to your blog for a while, and there is always something new I am interested in checking out! Thank you!

link rae said...

once again you made my day,
thanks very much !

JANFITC said...

Can you please re-up this in adrive?