Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Otto Manic presents Israeli Psych Funk

Otto Manic presents Israeli Psych Funk by Cosmic Shake

Received this custom mix of Israeli Psych from DJ Otto Manic, in (critical) response to my Parvarim rip a few weeks back. This was his effort to school me & Owl on the real dope out of Israel in the 1970s. As these cuts are all new to me, I'd like to thank him kindly for delivering....*DL via the Down Arrow on the Soundcloud link. Let me know when it goes away and I'll up it anew.

Says Otto Manic:

" A token of appreciation for the two masters of cool sounds, owl and ghostcapital, two completely unknown people that caused for a lot of pleasure and confusion the last year.
check them out!

mixed live by Otto Manic in his room in Berlin

some of the tracks were ripped directly from vinyls and some were downloaded from the internet, therefore the quality isnt balanced so well. also i must appologize for a few shitty mixes, i got some new equipment recently and im still trying it out.
oh, and if you are interested in coming to parties in Berlin, or watch an ocassional youtube clip of what im hearing at the moment, check out my facebook page

Peace and Love to us all!"

1 Arik Einstein - Hayo Haya
2 Shlomo Gronich - Al Na Telech
3 Shmulik Kraus - Shishi Cham (hot friday)
4 Aharit Hayamim - Hit'amlut Boker
5 Danny Ben Israel - Capara
6 Hazohar Ha'shvi'i - Metziltayim
7 Hasmenim Vearazim - Yeah Yeah Ma Yaeh
8 Zohar Levi - Ani Bedarki Lamosad Hasagur (im on my way to the asylum)
9 Shimshon Miel - Hitnasut Be Amsterdam (an exeperience in Amsterdam)
10 The Churchills - Debka (sung in english)
11 Aris San - Boom Pam (sung in greek)
12 Zohar Argov - Et Dodim Kala
13 Lehakat Tzlilei Haoud - Neimat Pop Oud
14 Aliza Azikri - Yafo
15 Jacky Galil - Tachposet Chadasha
16 Yoram Arbel - Ani Etsba Et Ha'Shalechet
17 Hagashash Hachiver - Toda Raba (thanks a lot)


Anonymous said...

Love your blog - it has been wonderful going back over the old mixes - great great stuff!

But...I don't buy Israeli goods in shops and don't appreciate the massive bankrolling by Uncle Sam.

Cultural Boycott.

Thanks but no Thanks.

Peace to all and thank you for all your thoughtful and educational posts.


nicholab said...

@M---Many thanks for the measured response. Overarching militarism is poison.

Regarding our selector, allow me to recommend taking quick second to peep the source (NSFW). Shiner rules.

I am curious, and without trying to set up a BS correlation between digging on some psych rock & reading the news, I wonder if the boycott would also extend to reading from somewhere likeHaaretz?

slovenlyeric said...

Thank you for posting this. I for one feel that whatever your politics are you should pay attention to the culteral and scholarly work being done.

Listening to music from Countries where I don't agree with their politics, enables me to see the other side of the argument. I can't imagine that anyone is happy with all the governments which are represented by recordings on Sublime Frequencies or many other labels. Yet we listen to the music because it is beautiful.

Forgetting the fact that the artists may or may not appreciate what their governments do, there is a wider point here. Closing yourself off from understanding others is willful ingnorance and is not going to lead to meaning full dialog or the resolution of any conflict.

The mutual blockage that was the Cold War only fueled its continuance.

While I believe you have the right to vote with your pocket-book and not support regimes you do not believe in, the refusal to listen to ones adversary is simply a bad policy and assists governments in demonising those they oppose.

Anonymous said...

pigpen has it right.

this is a great mix and gets white hot at minute 46.

Wey Nagrom said...

Thanks, Shiner, for following up on the mix, and to Owl & Ghostcapital for encouraging this educational mix. Enjoying the weight of it mightily.....

Anonymous said...

On the Israel 70's stuff, I would check an album with a doorbell front cover, Mati-Caspi (1976 ?).
This was probably one of the first good things that deviated from a kind of russian folk that ruled Israel then.
This is something between european-folk, 70's funk, pop, Rock, psychadelia, with complex and brilliant arangements and harmony.


here is an active link (I hope)