Saturday, September 10, 2011

Martin Newell - Songs for a Fallow Land (1985 *Fixed Identity, 2011)

"Fixed Identity is proud to announce the release of Martin Newell's 1985 masterpiece "Songs For A Fallow Land". Newell, mastermind of UK d.i.y. group The Cleaners From Venus, crafted these songs in an old stable building in self-described "extreme poverty" resulting in an extremely inspired and highly personal realization of perfect underground psychedelic pop. Originally released in an edition of 100 cassettes, F.I. has remastered each song from Martin's original chrome tapes to be issued on LP in a limited pressing of 500 copies containing liner notes by the "Wild Man Of Wivenhoe" himself..." (Fixed Identity)

A banner specimen of oddball home-taped solo pop. It also has me kind-of enjoying this notion of "Failure Pop" that I've just run across over at Altered Zones. I'd been sitting the fence on a ripping the LP, as Small Batches upped the original tape back in '08. I mean, this album is far from hi-fi anyway, and its not like my rips are professional grade. But the remaster has a fuller sound at the low end, so, as you can see, I went at it. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Martin Newell - Songs for a Fallow Land (1985 *Fixed Identity, 2011)

A1 Sun Comes To The Wood
A2 Julie Profumo
A3 Soul Monday
A4 Gamma Ray Blue
A5 Heroin Clones
B1 Winter Palace 2
B2 Golden Lane
B3 Stars Are Cold
B4 Late Night (*by Syd Barrett)
B5 Beyond......

Sleeve notes from Newell:


øשlqæda said...

good morning friend, many thx fer the upgrade. such a superb slice. shouts out to jj in bk of small batches fame

ryan said...

big Newell fan, thanks for this.

Holly said...

This is GREAT - I love Newell & the Cleaners fron Venus!

Thank you very much, Nick.

Don't know if links are still active, but there's a ton of Cleaners material at:

Wilder Knockenmann said...

Thanks for sharing, Nick -- I have really been digging this. Gamma Ray Blue in particular has been stuck in my head all week.

HMPZ said...

Completely new name for me - thank you!

Black Moses said...

This might be my favorite album I've discovered this year, thanks to you. Muchas gracias.

Volkoff said...

Please, re-up this gem!
I had it by my laptop was stolen! I love the Cleaners stuff! Thank you in advance!

Volkoff said...

link is dead (( no re-up(