Thursday, October 21, 2010

V/A- Written In Blood Vol. 5: The Devil's Lullaby (Left-Handed Label, 2010)

The Devil's Lullaby is the final volume of Nate Ashley's killer Written In Blood horror movie soundtrack series...

"Covering 5 decades of haunting soundtrack music with over 100 songs! 10 years in the making, this 5 disc set includes never before released music and classic themes ranging from Ennio Morricone to Johan Soderqvist."

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to share directly with Nate, feel free to hit him up:

*He'd like to offer thanks and acknowledgment to a couple of other sites for providing some of the W.I.B. source material:

Sleazy Listening:
*Franco Bixio

Manchester Morgue:
*Gianni Ferrio
*Alessandro Alessandroni "(this one I didn't actually use on the comps., but it's awesome!)"
Morricone 1 & Morricone 2 "(I had this one already, which I've notice with a few of his other posts, but it's a good one so here it is)"

And last but not least, a great place for high res poster artwork is a site called Wrong Side Of The Art


Holly said...

What an amazing, amazing compilation and labor of love. I'm totally in awe. Thank you VERY much for choosing to share this with us all.

Anonymous said...


gilhodges said...

Congrats, Sir Ghost (and, of course, to you Nate) for an enormously satisfying compendium!

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Holy cats! This is pretty incredible. Thanks much for the links - and to the compiler.

Anonymous said...

I feel pretty dumb, I'm the jackass who mouthed-off after volume one, i apologize, but I'm trying to learn more about this. Being in a small town in Canada with a lame Blockbuster, it's very frustrating trying to find some of these movies that these compilations hint at. There is something cool or entrancing about some of these sounds and i want to find the films. At the same time it is confusing to see the original Wicker Man and the crappy remake, or how great that Lalo Schifrin is. Not making sense I know, either way, I really appreciate whoever is making this blog, it's a lifesaver. Thank you.

Oozlum said...


thank you for all of written in blood series! Killers!

is it possible to re-upload vol. I - V. ? I just heard vol. VI. and it's magnificent!

Thank you!

V ! (Oozlum)