Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Abner Jay- Last Ole Minstrel Man (Mississippi, 2011)

A short 10" EP of the late, great Abner Jay's very last studio sessions from Atlanta, 1994. Raw. Can't help but wonder if this will be the last release in Mississippi Records' sustained effort to canonize Mr. Jay as a lost hero of American folk. This one comes lovingly packaged with lots of great photos, inserts & copious liner notes from Jack Teague about his time getting to know Jay in Georgia, and how this recording came to happen. Makes for an illuminating read, I think, but... If you really want all that, I guess you should stop mooching here and go buy the record, no?

BTW- Turns out the best & cheapest way to score MSR releases is to write directly to

Download Link: Abner Jay- Last Ole Minstrel Man (Mississippi, 2011) 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. *Re-upped 7/20/12


1. I Cried
2. Sitting On Top of the World
3. My Middle Name is the Blues
4. Love Wheel
5. Cocaine Blues
6. Too Poor to Live, Too Poor to Die


Jerry Orbach said...

Great. I didn't even know this was slated for release.

Holly said...

So good, as always.

I wish my middle name was the blues!

Smokey LaBeef said...

thanks a bunch for this and especially the Mississippi mailorder details i had been wondering if i could direct order in just the last few days!!