Thursday, February 24, 2011

(V/A) Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals from the '30 and '40s (Rounder, 1974)

A brief but groundbreaking survey of scratchedy early 20th Century Hawaiian steel-string instrumentals. This is the first such compilation of its kind, originally released by Rounder Records in 1974. To get deep with the vintage hawaiian vibe, and a smattering of the classic artists anthologized herein, might I recommend a quick jaunt over to Owl's place and then maybe to Cagedream, for some more Roy Smeck. Enjoy.

This Lemuel Turner track sounds like straight-up bottleneck blues:

Download Link: (V/A) Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar Instrumentals from the '30 and '40s (Rounder, 1974)

320 vinyl rip by Small Wett. Big ups!

Rounder Records 1012

1. Hula Blues - Sol Hoopii
2. Farewell Blues - Sol Hoopii
3. Hawaiin March - Sol Hoopii
4. Melani Anu Ka Makani - Frank Ferera
5. Song Of The Range - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians
6. Chimes - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians
7. Kaui Kahio - Biltmore Orchestra
8. Jake Bottle Blues - Lemuel Turner
9. The Cat's Whiskers - Pat Patterson And His Champion Rep Riders
10. Train Song - Sol Hoopii
11. Blues Of The Guitar - Andy Sanella
12. Honolulu Stomp - Hawaiian Serenaders
13. Twelth Street Rag - Sol Hoopii
14. Hilo March - Roy Smeck
15. Kalima Waltz - Roy Smeck
16. Twilight Echoes - Roy Smeck


øשlqæda said...

word, lemuel turner, what a name. obscurist of the obscuros. fanx fer the shout nick!

* * e d o * * said...

looks great thanks!


nicholab said...

And thanks for them goodies, Sr. Owl. Its not the same song by any means, but I have an impulse to sing "I'm Going To Germany" over that Lemuel track.

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The Morose Mississippi said...

thank you thank thank you! i'm going to play it on my show today :D