Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ghostcapital Guest Mix: CD/FM Radio (*by Chris Cilla, 2011)

Chris Cilla is a Portland underground cartoonist whose weirdo comix manage to melt my delicate cerebrum. His style is amazingly off-kilter, with an aesthetic lean toward oddball heros like Basil Wolverton or golden-era outsiders Fletcher Hanks and Boody Rogers, for starters. Chris is the only fellow I've ever known who has vocalized an abiding love for first-wave Scrooge McDuck comics. Just check the cover art- My man rules! This CD/FM Radio mix-disc offers more of Cilla's eccentric, mixed-up, stoney vibe- just in an auditory format. Dig it. Must admit, I was supremely disappointed not to see even a single track here by Chris' beloved Donald Fagen. (Ha!) I had already figured that for certain. Here's a wild ride through burnt-out garage riffs, sweeping funk grooves, and brief forays through the prog-driven haze. I would highly recommend consuming these selections while perusing Mr. Cilla's excellent new comic book- The Heavy Hand. (Details below)

Download Link: (V/A) Chris Cilla- CD/FM Radio (Ghostcapital Mix, 2011)

1. Loaded To The Gills / Michael Liggins & the S... 4:15
2. Black Sheep / SRC 4:42
3. Kol Basti / 3 Hur-El 2:12
4. Refrigerator / Electric Eels 3:28
5. Black Sabbath Medley Reversible / Ruins 2:16
6. Oral Fixator / Mondo Guano 4:16
7. Commercial for 'CD FM Radio' / Radio Myanmar 1:57
8. Answer Lies Beyond / Master's Apprentices 3:38
9. Nehadar Zèytkèwen / Tèwèldè Rèdda 4:02
10. Ventricular Refibulation / Jack Officers 3:58
11. Slow Dope Motion / Bargain Town 0:44
12. Sensi For Sale / The Tufftones 4:11
13. Tiny Postulation 4 / Lucas Moseley 4:37
14. Down in the Bottom / Creepy John Thomas 5:12
15. Spider & The Fly / Monocles 2:04
16. UFO / Sun Ra and his Arkestra 8:37
17. Django / Thrones 2:46
18. Rap Machine / Whodini 4:58
19. Invisible Wind / Jackie Stoudemire 5:10
20. Small Talk / Tall Dwarfs 3:35

The Heavy Hand, Chris' first graphic novel, was published by Portland's Spark Plug comics imprint in late 2010. A primo specimen of contemporary comic absurdism, it reads like a musty, beer stained David Lynch cartoon. I will make no attempt to synopsize, but will say I personally keep rereading it in the hope that this book's many bizarre, anachronistic details will one day all fall into place. As author/oracle, Chris has told me he "like[s] to think they will." Perfect. He's also given me permission to post a handful of image scans from he book, in conjuction with his rad mix-disc. So, take a looksie:


The Silent Partner said...

3 Hur-el, Master's Apprentices and Thrones' cover of "Django"? I'm in.

øשlqæda said...

just wanted to sing praises fer flavourful artwerk but my word verification is 'duckmo'... what a weird world

C. Cilla said...

I had originally included Donald Fagen's "True Companion" (off the Heavy Metal soundtrack), but I had to cut it so this mixx would fit on one disk. Sorry, but something had to go!
Thanks for posting this, I had a good time working on the compilation & cover. See you soon...

hipnoflick said...

Great! Another ghoscapital mix! Been waiting for this new release nicholab!

cavorting with nudists said...

Gotta tell you, if he's the only guy you've ever heard rave about Uncle Scrooge comics, you must not have many comic geek friends (for better or worse). Carl Barks, the auteur, is generally regarded as one of the very greatest masters of the comic book medium.

nicholab said...

hey- i must admit, i'm fairly new to comics. about 5 years new- ever since i moved to portland. i'm getting deep with it, but definitely behind the curve in that old-school comics geek kind of way.