Monday, July 4, 2011

V/A - Holy ☆ Ghost Power! c90 Mixtape (Holywarbles / Ghostcapital Mix *Summer, 2011)

Greetings freedom lovers! Here's a little something specially curated, no doubt, for your summertime bbq enjoyment. This latest Ghostcapital Mix happens to be an ecstatic 90-minute collaboration betwixt yours truly and Maestro Owl- that unstoppable force behind the indefatigable Holywarbles imperium. We've whipped up "a joyful noise" for you, our chosen people, imbued with nothing less than that ever-loving Holy ☆ Ghost Power! Enjoy....

Download: V/A- Holy ☆ Ghost Power! c90 Mixtape (Holywarbles/Ghostcapital Mix *Summer, 2011)

Side A (Holy)

01. Lehakat Tsiley Haud - Me Afula Hanale
02. Grazia - Rampi Rampi
03. Cymande - Brothers On The Slide
04. Keith Hudson - Turn The Heater On
05. Cyril Diaz Orchestra - Serenade
06. Toolshed - Love In Outer Space
07. All Saved Freak Band - 100th Psalm [Edit]
08. Small Island Pride - Taxi Driver
09. The Royals - Pick Up The Pieces
10. Watty Burnett - Rainy Night Dub
11. Iko - Approach On Tokyo
12. IRT - Watch The Closing Doors

Side B (Ghost)

13. Cyril Diaz Orchestra - Voodoo
14. Baden Powell y Vinicius de Moraes - Canto De Ossanha
15. Felix Quintana - Ladrona
16. Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt - Little Things
17. Howard Nishioka - Carnivorous Dogaramus
18. Abner Jay - My Middle Name Is The Blues
19. Fritz & Jerry - Pad
20. The Jive Bombers - Bad Boy
21. Mystery Salsa Group - Mystery Salsa Track
22. Los Silvers - Sueño Amazonico
23. The Lovejoys - All I Can Say
24. Leland - I've Got Some Happiness
25. The Sound Dimension - Moon Hop


Yair Yona said...

Kudos for the first song ;) an Israeli classic

Holly said...

Thank you Nick & Owl! Happy 4th :-)

Markus Koavo said...

Nice side a but side b is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Totally lovely mix! Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

"Mystery Salsa Band" and "Mystery Salsa Song" are Oscar D'Leon (& orchestra, of course) performing "Lloraras" - much appreciation for this most excellent mix!

Anonymous said...

Profuse Thanks N!
Quiet (too quiet) appreciation of all of your postings for a while now....surfacing to say all of your educationalinspirationalmusic has been a tonic


rosel zech said...

Praise the holy ghost. Thanks guys.

Mr Tear said...

The holy ghost moves in mysterious ways.
Thanks for the lovely summer mix.

nicholab said...

happy are we to spread the musical love. and thank you much for all the encouraging and appreciative words.

Anonymous said...


Flash Strap said...

Oh shit I just got back from a week of safari and you two bros have been cooking up a frothy magic brew- this is a treat and a feat and I can't wait to burn it right in to my ears.

Rita Ballou said...

I've Summer / J'ai été (mixtape ere-transat)

Enjoy & merci for your discover/inspiration :


01 – The Last Thing On My Mind – Wendell Stuart & The Downbeaters (The Velvet Underground in an island under the sun).
02 – The Alphabet – Astley Dixon (Jamaïcan Gospel)
03 – The Comforter Has Come – Alton & Otis (Jamaïcan Gospel)
04 – Shegeye – Ephrem Tamiru (Ethiopian slow)
05 – Hajme El Khali – Kourosh Yaghmaei (Iran)
06 – Prison Song – Shahram Shabpareh (Persian ska/soul/fanfare)
07 – Fade away – New Age Steppers (Punky reggae by The Slits)
08 – Small car – Marvin Pontiac (L’imposture de John Lurie)
09 – Werewolfe – Michael Hurley (Armchair boogie)
10 – Something new – Dino Valente (Sid Barrett cowboy)
11 – Rita Ballou – Guy Clark (Holky tonkin’ slow bandera)
12 – Write a song a song/ Angeline – Michael Newbury (Looks like rain)
13 – T. Total Tommy – Michael Newbury
14 – The future’s not what it used to be – Michael Newbury (Frisco Mabel Joy)
15 – Strange things happen every day – Fern Jones (Country Gospel)
16 – Dear one – Pisces (Psyché)
17 – Mes enfants d’autre part – Jean Le Fennec (Chanson française/martienne)
18 – I’ll come running – Brian Eno (To tie your shoe)
19 – 05 05 – Nuno Canavarro (Plux Quba : Portugal ritournelle électronique 1988)
20 – Martinique – Martin Denny (Exotica easing listen)
21 – Sim – Cartola ( E luto contra a humanidade inteira)
22 – Preciso me encontrar – Cartola (Rir prá não chorar...)
23 – Ensaboa – Cartola (Mulata chamado Dondon)
24 – Roda viva – Chico Buarque de Hollanda
25 – Bantu Lullaby – Francis bebey
26 – Astral Traveling – Pharoah Sanders

Holly said...

@Rita-nice mix, & I love your photography :-)

Iron Toad said...

Thank you very much for this incredible compilation!

Anonymous said...

hi, any chance of putting this up again? It looks great but link is dead. thanks a lot

nicholab said...

freshly re-upped!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


The Track nº21 or "Mystery Salsa Track" is actually "Llorarás" by La Dimensión Latina from Venezuela. Oscar de León, the singer of the song, is very famous across latinamerica.

Esteban (Tenedor) said...

Hermosa recopilación, muchas gracias por el gran trabajo que realizas.

Saludos desde Costa Rica.