Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exuma (1970 *Mercury SR 61265) Flac + 320

The debut record from righteous Afro-Bahamian songwriter Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, aka Exuma. His earliest work is an unreal melange of heavy folk dirges, pounding junkanoo ruckus, and the groaning incantations of mythically just, voudoun enlivened cataclysms of spiritual and material oppressions in our brave new world. Proper chant down Babylon vibes. Exuma's records have long been a staple of the countless hauntologically-minded and/or whateverly freak-folked RSS electroducts we've been privy too for years, now. I know I've dropped him here, before. Hot on the heels of GC's recent Exuma II drop, here's a lossless/320 upgrade, ripped by yours truly with the help of my friend DJ Cuica, who kindly lent it my way to share the love of this astounding record. Huge thanks! Full scans included. Enjoy.

Exuma -- Exuma (1970, Mercury SR 61265) 

Side 1 
1. Exuma, The Obeah Man
2. Dambala
3. Mama Loi, Papa Loi

 Side 2 

1. Junkanoo
2. Seance In The Sixth Fret
3. You Don't Know What's Going On
4. The Vision


WelcomeToTheMoon said...

Thank you for this!!!! One of the most unforgettable albums I have ever come across in my life. Top three.

cnjnctvsynth said...

So good. Now, thanks to you, I can enjoy it at 320.

Dan Leo said...

A belated big thank you for the Exuma!

the saucer people said...

I remember discovering this as a 128 MP3 years ago on Emule, played it to death, everything about this album reeks of Otherness at such a profound level.
What I would imagine Sun Ra would have produced had he dropped some Ibogaine ;)

It would be great to see the other Exuma albums on the ADrive host. Given the recent outbreak of the fascist mind over at Mediafire, I doubt it is worth reposting them on there, I imagine the scourbots would take the titles of the Nina Simone covers and pull it!

Huge thanks to you and your friend for such an incredible share.

Unknown said...

Thanks. My girlfriend found me a copy just last week, now I have a digital copy without having to rip it thanks to you.