Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Afrobeat!

A brief digest of GC's recent favorite Afrobeat finds on the internets. William Onyeabor, Disco Blaze & ‘Les Meilleurs Souvenirs de la 1ére Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de la Jeunesse‘ vols 1-5.

William Onyeabor- Crashes in Love (1977), Atomic Bomb (1978) & Tomorrow (1979) (@ No Not Nyet) I'm a major fan of this man's funky Afro-Synths. Also, his cowboy hat. "Fantastic Man" is my jam, for real! (*I'm still looking-out for prime rips of Good Name, Anything You Sow, and Body & Soul)

Disco Blaze- Jump Back (@ Holy Warbles)
Righteous, bumping left-field 70s disco craziness, right here. Boom!

‘Les Meilleurs Souvenirs de la 1ére Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de la Jeunesse‘, Rootblog via Global Groove.) An amazing 5-LP 1970 series of Malian large-ensemble grooves, including Orchestre Régional de Sikasso, Orchestre Régional de Mopti, Orchestre Régional de Kayes, Orchestre Régional de Ségou and L’Orchestre National ‘A’ de la République du Mali (All of these either have-been or will be reissued on LP by Mississippi Records. The latest reissue in this series is L’Orchestre National ‘A’- out in Portland now and elsewhere very very soon.)

*Minor caveat, my rip of the Orchestre Regional de Mopti record is the best on the web. I'd recommend you grab that one from me, and the rest of these albums from Rootblog. Two-stop shopping.


icastico said...

Another one of note:

alive said...

Love the "5-LP 1970 series of Malian large-ensemble grooves". All are really great. the only thing that annoys me is the clap sample. really unnecessary, and it's always the same in each LP.

musique said...

Still looking for "Anything You Sow"? Here it is, plus "Hypertension ":

Just saw it and hadn 't listened yet, so dunno about the quality, but the size implies a high bitrate.

Anonymous said...

Hey there
william onyeabor just reissued anything you sow on his own imprint onyeabor
maybe more reissues are coming, hopefully