Saturday, September 11, 2010

Suni McGrath- Cornflower Suite (1969)

A new discovery for me. Suni McGrath's mystically-influenced folk guitar rates up there with Fahey, Basho, Sandy Bull & the like...Big thanks to Aidan for the tip on this.

"Blue Isfahan" stands alone on the album, as its the only track using an electric guitar or tabla accompaniment. Its eastern modes will likely appeal to all those newfound Omar Khorshid fans.

From the Liner Notes:

"The music on this record is my attempt to explore and further the american acoustic guitar. I have four sources for the musics here presented: Bulgarian music for rhythmic modes and ideas, also modulation of melodic modes and harmonies; Hindustani for subtle melodic graces and ideas of variation; Fahey for the conception of the art; Bartok for modal harmonies analogous to conventional western harmony, and treatment of themes.

Cornflower Suite is a set of variations on a theme never completely stated. It is named for that most wondrous weed, the blue cornflower that blooms like little bits of mirror reflecting a perfect summer sky. It includes an earlier piece known to some as sassafras tea..."

Read More & Download Cornflower Suite at Grown-So-Ugly.

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Yair Yona said...

wow. this is mind blowing!
Truly inspiring.