Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(V/A) -- Eileen Aroon (Ghostcapital + Holywarbles c120 Mixtape *Autumn 2011)

A wealth of autumnal glory. The reflective third volume in our Holy*Ghost mixtape continuum. Spectral folk traditions from the British Isles, and beyond. And beyond the beyond...At 120 minutes, Owl & I ran the gauntlet from joy to sorrow (and back again) to get this magic right. We do hope you enjoy it.

(V/A) -- Eileen Aroon c120 (Ghostcapital + Holywarbles Mixtape *Autumn 2011)

Side A (Holy)

01. Kathleen McPeake ~ Eileen Aroon, 1963
02. John Jacob Niles ~ John Henry, 1940
03. Barbara Dickson ~ Down In Yon Forest, 1969
04. Tia Blake ~ Rising of the Moon, 1971
05. Peggy Zeitlin ~ Spin Spider Spin, 196x?
06. Shirley Collins ~ Bonnie Boy, 1967
07. Anne Briggs ~ Living By The Water, 1971
08. Bert Jansch ~ Wishing Well, 1968
09. Lal Waterson & Bob Davenport ~ Child Among The Weeds, 1972
10. Donald MacLeod & Congregation ~ Stroudwater - Psalm 46 vv. I & 2, 1975
11. Trees Community ~ Psalm 45 [owl edit], 1975
12. Baby Dee ~ Look What the Wind Blew In, 2001
13. Sibylle Baier ~ I Lost Something In the Hills, 1970
14. Bonnie White ~ The Dragon's Song, 1971
15. Jan & Lorraine ~ Number 33, 1969
16. Tower Recordings ~ The Nine Billion Names of God, 1997
17. Agincourt ~ When I Awoke, 1970
18. Amps For Christ ~ Edward, 1998
19. David Mitchell & Denis Roughan ~ Grey Funnel Line, 1991

Side B (Ghost)

1. David Hammond ~ Tis Pretty to Be in Ballinderry, 1959
2. Sweeney's Men ~ Willy O' Winsbury, 1968
3. Martin Carthy ~ The Wind That Shakes the Barley, 1965
4. A.L. Lloyd & Alf Edwards ~ The Unfortunate Rake, 1960
5. Edith Perrin ~ When I Die, 1941
6. Michael Coleman ~ Tarbolton, Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet, 193x?
7. Fred and Finvola Redden ~ The Banks of Claudy, 1956
8. Shirley Collins ~ The Irish Girl, 1959
9. Peggy Seeger ~ The Three Ravens, 1967
10. John Sheridan ~ Killarney, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, 1928
11. Deirdre Ní Fhloinn ~ Seotholó Thoil (Hush-a-by My Dear), 1958
12. Dave Swarbrick ~ My Singing Bird, 1976
13. Peter Bellamy ~ A-Roving On A Winter's Night, 1979
14. Jean Ritchie ~ One I Love, 1965
15. Aidan Coughlan ~ In My Youth, 2005
16. Planxty ~ Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór, 1973
17. Nic Jones ~ Farewell to the Gold, 1980
18. Jack Armstrong, Chevy Chase ~ The Cott 19xx?
19. The McPeake Family ~ Will Ye Go Lassie, Go, 1963


Anonymous said...

uh mazing!!!

øשlqæda said...

victory today is ours! dopest mix to date

Anonymous said...

beautiful moods here, gents. my compliments

miskov said...

Just what we've been hoping for, and more. Thank you for the superb selections!

Anonymous said...

What a great bunch of tunes. Thanks for this, I'm sure it was no simple feat!

nicholab said...

thanks for the love, friends. really hoping this one grows & resonates with you the way it has with us. it'd be tough to overstate the number of ideas and drafts spurred in the lead-up to this finished flow. i'm feeling darn proud of how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

What a compilation!
make me feel like touch the sun and kiss the moon

thanks a lot

Dan Leo said...

Thank you very, very much.

Wilder Knockenmann said...

Wowza, this is just fantastic and, I would venture, your finest collaboration yet. Autumn never sounded so sweet. Thanks you two!

Michael Wang said...

Always a large slice of happiness when i see a Holy/Ghost collaboration! Thanks again fellas.

nicholab said...

you friends are warming my heart....

rhid said...

it's very good is this...thanks

øשlqæda said...


Whip Wilson said...

Plese, oh please, re-up this beauty!! I love these mixes and i somehow missed this when it first came out. It's rainy where I live and I'm desperate for some psych-folk that's new to my ear! Thanks, as ever, for sharing.

nicholab said...


Whip Wilson said...

Oh, that is absolutely top shelf news. Thanking you!

salame_tropical said...

¡Hermoso!! una de las mejores mix-tapes.¡que vuelva Holywarbles!!

roberth said...

burning this now-- i am reading electric eden, so this should be
great accompaniment. great selection--
plus a bit of sadly departed holywarbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks of course

ps loving the re-ups

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to the re-up party, but thank you thank you for making this available again. A true gem.