Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sagan Om Ringen by Bo Hansson

I am forever indebted to my pal Nate Ashley for dropping this delicious morsel of Swedish concept prog on my figurative doorstep. This is Bo Hansson's 1970 "soundtrack" to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Need I remind you that no such feature film, cartoon or otherwise, was even in the works back way then? This thing is Hansson's imaginary soundtrack to the books and let me just say, it is mighty sweet. Just look at that Rodney Matthews artwork. Amazing! So nerdy...That's actually one of the LP's alternate covers, but I think its the best. I've read on allmusic that BH was a heavy-hitting keyboardist of his day. He'd apparently recorded a handful of unreleased studio sessions with Jimi Hendrix that seem like they'd be worth hearing. If anyone out there has a line on those please let me know...Now, "Go in peace"... to Middle Earth.

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