Sunday, May 8, 2011

Paradox- Drifting Feather: Polish Jazz Vol. 26 (Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1971)

"I thought it a paradox to play jazz without drums, with a bassoon and cello, which hums and groans in bebop diminshed fifths. At that time, the very sound combination of the bassoon, trombone cello and bass mae me happy and inspired me to [play] some musical tricks and jokes on the borderline of jazz and folk. I don't hesitate to to write pieces in the spirit of of Polish folk music, to draw original examples from the rich sources of folklore, Polish and European. Continuing our work in 1971, with some changes in instrumentation (alto sax, trombone, cello, bass and guitar), we realize that our sound resembles a folk band manned by modern jazzmen. However, I think this is where our originality lies, and the lack of drums makes no difference to the soloists,who can swing well enough by themselves." -Andrezej Brzeski

An excellent and unconventional 1971 Polish jazz classic. I find the string arrangements- including cello- especially superb. My pal Baker just brought this back for me from his recent stay in Poland. Been loving it, so I up and scrounged this 320 mp3 rip. Looks like it might've originated from a FLAC upload on Avax. Those are my own LP image scans, up above. Anyone with tips on where my good man should dig for sweet vinyl in Warsaw, Kracow, etc? The real local lowdown would be forever appreciated....Enjoy!

Download Link: Paradox- Drifting Feather: Polish Jazz Vol. 26 (1971)

Polskie Nagrania Muza SXL 0745

Andrzej Brzeski: trombone, arranger, bandleader
Michał Górny: Cello
Stanisław Kulhawczuk: Double Bass
Sławomir Piwowar: Classical Guitar
Włodzimierz Szląskiewicz: Alto Saxophone

A1 Malaguena 13:15
A2 Intymne Życie Wuja Leona / Uncle Leo's Intimate Life 3:58
A3 Czy Są Świeże Jaja, Czyli Na Podwórku Pani Bronki / Do You Have Fresh Eggs, Or In Mrs. Bronka's Backyard 3:30
B1 Lotne Piórko / Drifting Feather 5:05
B2 Pietrek / Pete 3:50
B3 Kokoszka Babuni / Grandma's Hen 4:12
B4 Ploteczki Cioteczki / Auntie's Chitchat 6:40


inspire121 said...

Maybe one of the reasons Polish jazz is on such a different trip is that it was something that was out of State control during the Communist era.

The BBC did a radio programme about a trip to Poland by a British jazz group in 1956 - the programme is not available, but a story about the event is - see

musique said...

This is great music, thank you! The polish jazz scene was (and is) quite big and many-sided.

Jo/No said...

Wow, what a find! Thanks!

By coincidence my brother gave me another Polish Jazz lp for my birthday last weekend. Not sure which number though as I don't have it here at the moment. Solo piano, probably late 70s. Nice one too.