Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photodementia - Fig. 3 (1997 -- Photodementia, 2012 Reissue) *320 + Flac

"Recently unearthed by the good folk at Rephlex, 'Photodementia' is an outstanding nugget of eight succinct and kinetic machine moves from late '90s Washington. Apparently a few white labels were distributed to Black Market in London and New York's Sonic Groove way back when, but they're that far off the radar even discogs hasn't heard of them. However, the press release reliably informs us that it's the work of Canadian-born Victor Beaudet "one time collaborator with Richard Davis of legendary band Cybertron" (sic) "and his partner, New Orleans' born Bernard Davies (R.I.P.)", so unless someone is telling porkies, this is quite a find. Essentially their sound is very similar to a number of classic projects from Drexciya to earlier AFX and the like - composed and structured with a free-flowing intuition and feel for that melancholic funk which is prized by so many nerds like you and I. Sterling stuff..."(Boomkat)

Dope reissue. I'm a bit of sucker for the electro. Has that Detroit sound, by way of mid-90's DC. This post is dedicated to my old friend Faso in BK. Thanks for the words, man! 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. FLAC is on the way, as soon as mediafire allows it. Enjoy.

**Photodementia Links removed by request. 

1. Mysophilia
2. Synovium
3. Ethnog
4. Gyrectomy
5. Fotografische
6. Anhydrosis
7. Sporobolus
8. Nitromersol
9. Hypercatharsis
10. Astrography


burntoutsavannahs said...

besides being dope, this is also fresh & tight.

Fabrizio said...

This blog is the Best blog in blogosphere!

Moon Ra said...

Thank you once more, this one is deep ! I love it. It sounds a lot like Drexciya. And almost as good, which is truly a compliment.

Holly said...

Hi Nick - This is a find, indeed. Thank you very much for the great rip. Will be good late night music tonight :-)

Anonymous said...

now u have Fig. 4! ;-)