Friday, July 29, 2011

Adolf Wölfli.

Adolf Wölfli. Wow. Must admit I'd never known his work until just now, and I am floored.


(Laura Knoops)


Gelesen und vertont (Adolf Wölfli - Recited And Set To Music) *1978

Adolph Wölfli: The Heavenly Ladder / Analysis of the Musical Cryptograms, by Baudoin De Jaer. 2011 release on Sub Rosa, wherein violinist De Jaer masterfully interprets Wölfli's wild & cryptic musical notations. Thanks to "Unknown" for the tip.


Unknown said...

Amazing stuff! When I saw his name I thought you might be linking to this new record based on his "compositions"—

nicholab said...

@Unknown- Many thanks for the tip. Just finished sampling the album. Must get.

No, I fell into Wölfli's work as if by accident last night, via WFMU's Gallery of Unusual Musical Notation, and found myself immediately under his spell. I didn't mean to tease you with the prospects of a coveted new release. Hadn't gotten so far as to know about it, as I was cross-eyed after a late work night when I tossed up this post. Happy to add to things a bit, now that I'm up for my day.


Anonymous said...

Two links for those interested in Wolfli :

melchisedek said...

that might be interesting for you too:

part of the music is based on paintings by wölfli.

keep shining!