Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yoon Youn Sun 윤연선 - Wing of Peace 평화의 날개 (Korea, 1972)

"Yoon Youn Sun's beautiful, brooding vocals breathe hope where before there was despair; there are retro-'60s touches that are reminiscent of French yé-yé music of the François Hardy, France Gall type -- sultry, yet nurturing a languid innocence; this album by Yoon Youn Sun was released in Korea in 1972, which makes Yoon Youn Sun a contemporary of Kim Jung Mi, which is a good reference point; the record has several modes: there are duets with a male singer; the songs that groove the best (tracks 5 & 6) occur when the Farfisa organ gets involved; the second half of the record features complex arrangements (a few strings find their way into the mix)." (promotional)

Ethereal 1972 downer-folk outing from Korean chanteuse Yoon Youn Sun 윤연선. Sourced from the 2007 World Psychedelia reissue. This is one from the hard-drive archives, folks. Ripped at 160kbps before I knew a thing or two about bit rate. Sounds good to me!

Download: Yoon Youn Sun 윤연선 - Wing of Peace 평화의 날개 (Korea, 1972)

1 고별
2 어데로 가야하나
3 보내는 마음 가는 마음
4 님이 오는 소리
5 그리운 사람
6 내일부터
7 평화의 날개
8 시간 속에서
9 물망초
10 파란하늘
11 생각납니다
12 떠나기전에


nicholab said...

oops, forgot the link for those first few minutes. fixed.

Sean Turley said...

Any chance you'll be posting any other Korean psychedelic records? They are nearly impossible to track down.

tripmaster said...

this is one of my favorites of this genre. truly a beautiful and soulful masterpiece of an album. definitely a shade darker than kim jung mi, which i absolutely love about this album and old korean ballads in dark, tragic, and fucking beautiful!

Sooraj said...

the links are broken.. Could you please upload it again? may be in mediafire..

Thank you :)

I've been looking for this for a long time. I was looking for some good old korean songs.

chris said...

i re-upped it here because it was nowhere else to be found on the web. one of my favourite albums, ty nicholab

Sooraj said...

thank you so much for the re-up! :)

do you happen to have any other albums of Yoon Youn Sun; or of other korean artists with similar sound?
I'd be forever indebted if you could upload them too; or point me to the links. I'm finding it really hard to get these old korean albums.

thanks :)