Thursday, March 17, 2011

Karen Black & Harry Freedman - The Pyx OST (The Left-Handed-Label, 1973)

A special cameo post from Mr. Nate Ashley (mastermind behind the excellent Written In Blood horror music series). He's just fixed up this unnofficial soundtrack EP for 70's cult favorite, The Pyx, starring Karen Black. Says Nate:

"If Karen Black would have released an EP in the early seventies this is what it would have probably sounded like (minus the Harry Freedman cues). Her songs were produced by Bob Johnston who produced many classic folk
albums from Cohen to Dylan. Karen did music in other films as well, but these tracks have a particular haunting and melancholy quality that fit so well in the Pyx and stand just as well on their own. I recorded from vhs and dvd sources when originally making this cd but opted for the better sound quality of the vhs in the end."

Karen Black & Harry Freedman - The Pyx OST (1973)

1. Song of Solomon Chapter 3 (verses 1-3)
2. It All Turned Out the Way I Planned It
3. The Last Scarifice
4. The Satanic Choir
5. I Was Touched By Your Passing Through
6. Song of Solomon Chapter 3 (verses 1-4)

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to share directly with Nate, feel free to hit him up:


Holly said...

How totally cool - thank you both very much!

øשlqæda said...

nate yer graphic design flavour is so fresh

Texas Scott said...

thank you,again,for all the goodness you provide.

rosel zech said...

more from the black lady! wonderful post, thank you so much.

Max said...

A very cool post--thanks. A good movie too. Hell, even the book is worth reading.


Could you repost the soundtrack? The download link you provided does not seem to be working.