Saturday, March 19, 2011

T.M Sounderarajan- T.M. Sounderarajan (HMV/EMI, 1971)

"T.M.Sounderarajan was the famous Playback Singer in Tamil film industry. He was born on 24th March,1923 at Madurai. He was the first singer to introduce the stereo system in tamil songs. He was popularly and shortly called as TMS. TMS is still actively singing for tamil film industry. TMS married in his early age. He was studied only SSLC but his voice of songs were very top all over South India." (Source)

Had it not been spelled out by the cover notes, I would've never guessed that these were devotionals. Sounderarajan's playback pedigree shines through his vocal delivery and the bouyant, upbeat arrangements of the songs. This is great stuff. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: T.M Sounderarajan- T.M. Sounderarajan (HMV/EMI, 1971)

ECSD. 3203

1. Unnai Padum Thozhilindri 3:59
2. Mannanalum Thiruchenduril 4:55
3. Andru Ketpavan Arasan 4:11
4. Endan Kuralil Inippadellam 4:08
5. Enakkum Idam Undu 4:44
6. Isaiyal Vasamaga 4:41
7. Karpagame Unaiyandri 3:26
8. Kanchi Kamatchi 4:12
9. Thandhaiyudan 4:47
10. Unnaiyum Marappathundo 4:43


bolingo69 said...

Wonderful post!

I am very happy that you like me find comfort in the warmth of devotional and Carnatic music. Always good to have someone to share with and thank you again for a top quality post made just right! This is how I like them ;-)


Holly said...

Thank you for ripping this, another treat for this fine day.

LukeWarmcop said...

Yo! Mind if I post this great rip on my modest blog?

Anonymous said...

Sad! The singer T.M.Soundararajan-A legend has passed away yesterday 25May13..