Saturday, March 26, 2011

Munir Bachir - Luth Solo "Oud" Recital A Geneve (Club du Disque Arabe 72505)

Munir Bashir (Arabic: منير بشير‎)* was an Iraqi Assyrian musician and one of the most famous musicians in the Middle East during the 20th century and was considered to be the supreme master of the Arab maqamat scale system.

He created different styles of the Arabian short scaled lute, the oud. He was one of the first middle eastern instrumentalists known to Europe and America. Bashir’s music is distinguished by a novel style of improvisation that reflects his study of Indian and European tonal art in addition to oriental forms. Born in Iraq, he had to deal with numerous disruptions of violent coup attempts and multiple wars that the country went through. He would eventually exile to Europe and become noticeable first in eastern nations such as Hungary and Bulgaria.

...Especially in the field of soloistic improvisation (Arabic: taqsim) over the common scales (maqam, plural maqamat) in Arabian music, his colleagues considered him to be an unsurpassed master. It surely attributes to Bashir’s pioneering work, that nowadays oud-players are able to give solo-concerts all over the world.

...Munir Bashir died of heart failure in 1997 in Budapest at the age of 68, a short time before his planned departure to his Mexican tour. (Wikipedia)

A 1971 solo recital in Geneva, Switzerland. Bashir's masterful performance shines through on this somewhat primitive recording. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly*. You can find another great Munir Bachir LP at the ever-magnificent Anthems for The Nation of Luobaniya. Enjoy!

Download Link: Munir Bachir - Luth Solo "Oud" Recital A Geneve (Club du Disque Arabe 72505)

Les Artistes Arabes Associés

A1 Maqam Nahawend
A2 Maqam Rast
A3 Maqam Kourdi
A4 Maqam Hidjaz Kar
B1 La Voix De L'Orient (The Voice Of The Orient) / Variations
B2 Le Oud Fou (The Mad Oud)
B3 Hayra (Ziriab D'Hier Et D'Aujourd'hui)
B4 L'Orient En Andalousie (Sources De La Musique Espagnole)

*Would love to find an image of Munir Bachir's name in his native Syriac script. Wikipedia's Syriac text just isn't doing the trick.

**Folks, this might be my last post for a week or two- As I'm about to move to a new apartment. Too much to do. Moving is of those few circumstances where I'm inclined to curse my LPs for their heavy load. Wish me luck!


The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

i love all this obscure eastern stuff you post, that tk ramamoorthy album is the bomb its like every song has about 4 different genres in it. anway thank you and good luck moving into your new place.

Holly said...

Oooh - i LOVE Munir Bachir! Thank you very much.

And good luck with your move. Blech.

nicholab said...

many thanks comrade radar!

nicholab said...

@holly- and thanks to you- as always. isn't that sample "The Mad Oud" one of the sickest 'heavy metal' solos ever?!

øשlqæda said...

yes nick, thank YOU fer that tk ramamoorthy album? :) it's a most resonant rip! heh, really looking foward to this one. love the label of course. besta luck wif yer new digs bra

nicholab said...

Ha! Didn’t catch that at first, Owl- The TK Ramamoorthy is up at HolyWarbles. A fantastic record, I might add. I’m wondering, Radar, if you’re referring to that one, or to the TM Sounderarajan I put up here a week or two ago. Good picks, either way!

cinturon negro said...

thank you and good luck

Holly said...

Hi Nick -
That Scorpio lp is available as an amazon mp3 dl, if you really just want to hear it. :-)

Hope the move is going well!

Holly said...

Hello again - I was going to post my favorite Munir Bachir cd - but someone else beat me to it! So here's a link for any interested parties:


bolingo69 said...

Great to have your LP-rip of this old rarity Nicholab! Nice, nice and beautiful labels :-)

Hope no LP's got scratched in the move!

There is some great Arabo_Andalusian LP's up right now at Anthems... Tomorrow is the sixth from the box but it is with a Turkish ensemble If you have not yet, do go and pick up the fourth LP. B-side is just as good as it gets!

Thanks again for the Munir!

Anonymous said...

nice to see, would love to have this album
any chance fpr re up maybe?
and you know where this could be fonund?
can'T rip from youtube with the converter

p said...

truly amazing stuff. well done sir.

Jackass said...

Thank you.. does anyone have links for oud around the world