Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steve Gunn- S/T (Self-Released CD-R, 2007)

Totally zoning to this early solo outing from Brooklyn-based guitarist Steve Gunn. Fans of American primitive picking à la Jack Rose or Robbie Basho might want to give Mr. Gunn the time-of-day. Self-released on CD-R in 2007, I'd been looking high & low for this one. Big ups to Owl (as ever) for the hook-up.

DL: Steve Gunn- S/T (Self-Released CD-R, 2006)

1. Ai 4:28
2. Osiris Jones 5:35
3. Rose 6:13
4. Crystal Mysteries 7:13


twogoodears said...

Thanks a lot for this!

slj3 said...

I am looking for your ghost-post # 3 but I am unable to find it!What's the matter with it?Many thanks to re-up. Stephane from french guiana.

El pesebre asesino said...

wow, xcellent!!!!!
thanks for the music

chek this music

musique said...

this is sweet music, thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for helping me to discover another great guitarist. at times kind of reminds me of Sandy Bull.