Thursday, June 9, 2011

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith - Dreamweapon I & III (Boo-Hooray, 2011)

"Live recordings of Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, and Jack Smith from the MacLise tape archive. In a silkscreened sleeve. Edition of 500" (Boo-Hooray)

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith- Dreamweapon I (Boo-Hooray, 2011 *SMRGS-1)

Download Link: Removed via prompt and cordial request from BH

Side A: Les Evening Gowns Damnées (December 20 1964) 16'48"
Side B: S.O.S. (Ca. 1968) 13'28"

"A second LP of previously-unheard recordings of Angus MacLise and Tony Conrad from the MacLise tape archives. In a silkscreened sleeve. Available only on LP! Edition of 500" (Boo-Hooray)

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad - Dreamweapon III (Boo-Hooray, 2011 *SMRGS-2)

Download Link: Removed via prompt and cordial request from BH.

Side A: Untitled (recorded October 18 1968 at Tony Conrad's apartment) 15'27"
Side B: Short Drum and Viola part 1 & 2 (ca. 1969) 4'49"
Druid's Leafy Nest (undated) 7'26"
Early Jams (undated) 6'46"

Wild downtown shit from these avant NYC luminaries. Dreamweapon I & III were released in conjunction with the Boo-Hooray Gallery's recent Angus MacLise- Dreamweapon exhibition. The finest write-up on these LPs probably lives over at Altered Zones. According to Boo-Hooray, both records are now sold out. Anyone with a line on the Dreamweapon II cd-r, please please let the people know. Many thanks to SH for the crucial assist. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.


Jerry Orbach said...

Thanks a ton for these. I really hope someone ups vol. 2.

VAWOLF said...

any other way to get this?
can somebody send me an e-mail with a link or someting?

fell in love with the samples.

Marko said...

Now that both of these LPs are sold out from the source, is there any chance of a re-up?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why these can't be shared...they sold out quickly and have already started to hit ebay for guaranteed ridiculous prices. If you're not going to press enough copies of something to stop that from happening at least let people hear mp3s!

nicholab said...

i too was thinking these would be kosher to post, but...

quoth the label:

"We are going to offer the mp3s ourselves through Boo-Hooray web store soon and distributors are still selling the vinyl. We all here would like you to remove the download links immediately."

Anonymous said...

I've checked just about every distro I can think of European or in the states and none of them have this. No doubt a substantial quantity are in the hands of folks who'll resell them on e-bay or discogs which is a shame. I'd suggest that this was greatly underpressed and the label really ought to consider a repress of another 500. This isn't to say that this should be re-posted but that unless the label is more interested in creating collector's items, this really ought to be repressed.

Anonymous said...

In the past when people have released MacLise's recordings (Siltbreeze, Quakebasket, Sub Rosa, etc.) it was in an attempt to get his art out to a listening public who were desperate to hear it. The way these Boo-Hooray people behave in comparison comes across as desperately cynical, epsecially given the current situation for the circulation of audio recordings. Frankly, producing an 'instant rarity', which is equally instantly 'sold out' (apart from a strategic number kept back to steadily appreciate in value if they have half a brain) is not only an act against those of us who would just like the opportunity to hear these particular MacLise's recordings even once, but would seemingly be contrary to what we know of the spirit of the artist in question, regardless of any representations made by his family or the like. If they don't post or repress in a reasonable period, then re-up. Given that it's been a few months already, maybe that's right about now...

Great blog btw. All the best!