Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Blue Sky Boys- The Sunny Side Of Life 5xCD *320kbps (Bear Family, 2003)

"No one in country music has done vocal duets better than the Blue Sky Boys. If your taste runs more to Conway and Loretta, George and Tammy, or Wynonna and Naomi, listen to the effortless, exquisite singing of Bill and Earl Bolick....
Their intricate yet simple harmonies, their perfectly matching voices, and their unadorned mandolin and guitar instrumental backing set them off from the competition, so much so that two generations of subsequent duet singers echo them, some without realizing it. The Everly Brothers and the Louvin Brothers, themselves recognized as exceptional vocal duets, acknowledge the influence of the Blue Sky Boys." (David Vinopal, Allmusic)

Respost- -320kbps upgrade. CD rips by yours truly. I absolutely love The Blue Sky Boys. They are gospel harmony perfected. And this deluxe, near-comprehensive Bear Family collection (or the JSP box) is the way to go. A total must.

"Keep on the Sunny Side"

"Mary of the Wild Moor"

"No Disappointment in Heaven"


The Sunny Side Of Life 5xCD *320kbps (Bear Family, 2003)
BCD 15951 EK D1, D2 , D3 , D4 , D5

Disc: 1
1. I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
2. Sunny Side of Life
3. There'll Come a Time
4. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
5. Midnight on the Stormy Sea
6. Take Up Thy Cross
7. Row Us Over the Tide
8. Down on the Banks of the Ohio
9. I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled
10. Dying Boy's Prayer
11. No One to Welcome Me Home
12. Didn't They Crucify My Lord
13. Only Let Me Walk With Thee
14. Can't You Hear tha Night Bird Crying
15. Old Account Was Settled Long Ago
16. Sweet Allallee
17. You Give Me Your Love
18. I Believe It
19. When the Ransomed Get Home
20. Fair Eyed Ellen
21. Somebody Makes Me Think of You
22. Sweet Evalina
23. No Home
24. What You Have Done
25. Sing a Song for the Blind
26. Within the Circle
27. They're All Home But One

Disc: 2
1. Hymns My Mother Sang
2. Have No Desire to Roam
3. No Disappointments in Heaven
4. Story of the Knoxville Girl
5. On the Old Plantation
6. In My Little Home in Tennessee
7. Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes
8. Prisoner's Dream
9. Answer to the Prisoner's Dream
10. When the Stars Begin to Fall
11. We Buried Her
12. Heaven Holds All to Me
13. Little Bessie
14. I Need the Prayers
15. Old Fashioned Meeting
16. Katie Dear
17. Who Wouldn't Be Lonely
18. Life-Line
19. When the Valley Moon Was Low
20. My Last Letter
21. Mother Went Her Holiness Way
22. Hang Out the Front Door Key
23. This Is Like Heaven to Me
24. I've Found a Friend
25. Asleep in the Briny Deep
26. Last Night While Standing By My Window
27. There Was a Time
28. Bring Back My Wandering Boy

Disc: 3
1. When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland
2. Are You from Dixie
3. Give Me My Roses Now
4. House Where We Were Wed
5. There's No Other Love for Me
6. God Sent My Little Girl
7. Someone's Last Day
8. She'll Be There
9. Lightning Express
10. Royal Telephone
11. Convict and the Rose
12. Father, Dear Father, Come Home
13. We Parted By the Riverside
14. Only One More Step
15. East Bound Train
16. Last Mile of the Way
17. She's Somebody's Darling Once More
18. I'm S-A-V-E-D
19. Whispering Hope
20. Butcher's Boy
21. This Evening Light
22. Mary of the Wild Moor

Disc: 4
1. Why Not Confess
2. Turn Your Radio On
3. Since the Angels Took My Mother Far Away
4. In the Hills of Roane County
5. Kneel at the Cross
6. Brown Eyes
7. Short Life of Trouble
8. Picture on the Wall
9. Pictures from Life's Other Side
10. Don't Say Goodbye if You Love Me
11. Speak to Me Little Darling
12. Have You Seen My Daddy Here
13. I Love Her More, Now Mother's Old
14. Dust on the Bible
15. Kentucky
16. I'm Glad (I'm Glad He's Gone and Left)
17. Chapel in the Hills
18. Sold Down the River
19. I'm Going to Write to Heaven (For I Know My Daddy's There)
20. Come to the Saviour
21. Garden in the Sky
22. There's Been a Change

Disc: 5
1. Romans 6:23
2. I'll Take My Saviour by the Hand
3. I Cannot Take You Back Now
4. Behind These Prison Walls of Love
5. Angel Mother
6. Let's Not Sleep Again
7. Don't Take the Light (From My Dark Cell)
8. Cross on the Hill
9. Sweetest Gift, a Mother's Smile
10. You've Branded Your Name on My Heart
11. Little Mother of the Hills
12. Alabama Listen
13. One Cold Winter's Eve
14. Paper Boy
15. Shake Hands With Your Mother Today
16. When Heaven Comes Down
17. Unfinished Rug
18. Tears on Her Bridal Bouquet
19. Lord Be With Us, Amen
20. Drop Your Net
21. There'll Be No Broken Hearts for Me
22. New Golden Rule
23. Where Our Darling Sleeps Tonight
24. Sunny Side of Life


gilhodges said...

Never mind the Bolicks! Absolutely positively my all-time favorite brother act. Though I've already worshipped at this particular altar, just seeing the collection in this space gives me a thrill. Good on you, Ghostly.

wilfofhove said...

This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all this great music. Cheers, Wilf

uncleDiss said...

Great post... Thanks a bunch!

Holly said...

Superb & sublime, Nick. Will slowly but surely replace my old comp.
Many, many thanks.

Frank said...

When I look at the brother tradition in country music all roads lead back to the Blues Sky Boys--the Delmores, Louvins, and Everly Brothers all owe them a great debt. I was fortunate enough to see them in a rare performance in Durham, NC in 1972. They really were their music--gentle unpretentious men. Absolutely ethereal. thanks for this post.

brown beard said...

thanks a lot. I'll cozy up to this stuff any day of the year