Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ghostcapital Guest Mix: Silence In Brooklyn / Silêncio no Brooklin, Vol. 1 (*by Paul B. Collins)

Ghostcapital is pleased to present this finely curated guest-mix of vintage Brazilian grooves from Mr. Paul B Collins, Brooklyn resident, Oregon native, and illustrious member of The Soft Landing & Beirut. I've been feeling this playlist & have kept it on iPod repeat for the last two weeks. (Big apologies that I've been so slow to share it) Many thanks to Paul for this superior selection of breezy Brazilian smoothness just in time for the start of this hot Ianque summer. Dig it!

"It is my belief that Brazilian music has not been reissued to its full potential.

Sure, most of the early Caetano and Os Mutantes, have been made available to the public. Tom Zé just had the vinyl box treatment. Four Men With Beards has given us Jorge Ben's "Força Bruta", and Soul Jazz has put out two fantastic Brazilian Rock compilations. That being said, these releases merely scratch the surface of what I see as one of the greatest moments in recorded musical history... Brazil in the 1960's and 1970's.

Silence in Brooklyn, Vol.1, is a compilation of Brazilian music from the 60's and 70's. The goal of it's release is to expand the listener's knowledge of these wonderful artists.

Listen to these musicians, find their music online, increase demand for vinyl reissues!"

-Paul B. Collins

Download Link: Guest Mix: (V/A) Silence In Brooklyn, Vol. 1 by Paul B. Collins

Silence in Brooklyn was compiled by Paul B. Collins.
Artwork by Daniel Douglas.

Soft Landing -

Beirut - (on Facebook)

1. Gal Costa- Relance
2. Arthur Verocai- Presente Grego
3. Erasmo Carlos- DoisAnimais Na Selva Suja da Rua
4. Cartola- Sim
5. Ronnie Von- Dindi
6. Moacir Santos- Coisa No. 5
7. Os Tincoas- Saudações aos Orixás
8. Chico Buarque de Hollanda- Roda Viva
9. Edu Lobo & Maria Bethânia- Upa, Neguinho
10. Toni Tornado- Mane Beleza
11. Paulinho Da Viola- Jurar Com Lagrima
12. Jose Mauro- Obnoxius
13. Tim Maia- Acenda O Faro!
14. Jorge Ben- Cinco Minutos


buruno said...

a fine selection indeed, thanks for sharing! talking about reissues, I've seen the arthur verocai one (ubiquity) sold here (in Brazil) for the triple of its price.
thankfully, you still can find lots of used samba, tropicália and mpb records for a penny.

cnjnctvsynth said...

Terrific mix! There are a few artists on here that I've never heard before. Thanks for sharing. Coincidentally, I also recently completed a brazilian mix in anticipation of the warm weather. If you like this mix, you might enjoy mine as well, though mine tends more toward psych-funk territory. You can download it:
Or listen on 8tracks:
Thanks, again.

Holly said...

This is a lovely mix - thank you Paul & Nick both!

jeronimo m.m. said...

what?! nothing by secos e molhados?