Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(V/A) Guitar Mood 2: More Rare Instrumentals from the New and Olde Worlds (Repent, 2011)

"A completely unanticipated follow up to the long ago issued wacko eclectic instrumental comp of '60s rock bands from various corners of the world. Amazing examples of local cultures of Turkey, Japan, Finland, Peru, Colombia (and the exotic lands of England and the U.S.) colliding with the guitar instrumental craze, with some longhair music (Beethoven), chicha/cumbia, and half-faux/half-real African influences thrown in. Must be heard to be believed. It's been a long wait since the demise of the much-loved 'Guitar Mood' LP a few years ago, but here's a second volume of obscure but very tasty guitar instrumentals from the 1960s! Japanese surf guitar legend TAKESHI TERAUCHI checks in with two tunes: his rockin' version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, and the Baja surfin' tune 'Kokkyo No Machi'. Turkish Fender whiz (and snappy dresser) Mesut Aytunca of SILUETLER shows off with two tunes from 1965 and 1966, along with fellow Turks HARAMILER's fried Middle Eastern instro-rocker from 1967. LOS ORIENTALES DE PARAMONGA and MANZANITA Y SU CONJUNTO, both from Peru, contribute two frantic guitar cumbias, while two more Peruvian bands, LOS SIDERALS and LOS BELKINGS, turn up the echo and the fuzz respectively for two surfy instros. Colombia's PEDRO JAIRO GARCES and his band contribute a 3-part Latin medley complete with accordion parts, Britain's VIC FLICK, the guy behind the original 007 guitar sound, drops a rather strange Afro-flavored one, but AFROSOUND is pure Latin with plenty of Cuban-style percussion and some sort of weird rumbling sound effect, though Finland's BLAZERS come in with a very melodic, heavy-echo-drenched surf-style instro. The USA is represented by a 1959 VENTURES-style instro from BILL COLLINS and a goofy number from THE PASTEL SIX. Enjoy!" (standard promo write-up)

2011 bootleg. Some great Turkish and Peruvian tracks, and more. A welcome companion to the original Guitar Mood compilation. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: (V/A) Guitar Mood 2: More Rare Instrumentals from the New and Olde Worlds (Repent, 2011) *Re-upped 7/20/12

Side 1

1. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - "Beethoven Symphony no 5"
2. Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Lobos Al Escape"
3. Vic Flick - "Zulu Maid" (with John Barry)
4. Los Siderals - "Virgenes Del Sol"
5. Siluetler - "Lorke Lorke"
6. Pedro Jairo Garces Y Su Guitarra Electrica - "Mosaico: La Danza De La Chiva, El Huerfanto, Rio Manzanares"
7. Siluetler - "Kasik Havasi"

Side 2

1. Pastel Six - "Strange Ghost"
2. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys - "Kokkyo No Machi (Border Town)"
3. Los Belkings - "Sentimientos"
4. Afrosound - "El Ventarron"
5. The Blazers - "Metaskulla"
6. Bill Collins - "Border Beat"
7. Haramiler - "Adanali"
8. Manzanita Y Su Conjunto - "El Hueleguiso"


Jerry Orbach said...

Thanks. I didn't know about this one.

Anonymous said...


wish it was you that ripped the first vol too!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, gotta get myself one of these, this is great.

Holly said...

This is really outstanding. Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been compiling misc guitar instrumentals for a few years. Thank you for this amazing addition.

Anonymous said...

yeah found the vinyl copy!

PEMUDA70AN said...

please reupload to mediafire

Anonymous said...

yeah I had this off you then lost it due to computer complications...:( very sad as it was such a great compilation, and can't find it anywhere else online at all!! please please reup!!

Anonymous said...

please please!

ذا...ولكن هذا لا said...

Vivir en el Perú es lo máximo, siempre acompañado de buena música y buena comida. Saludos.

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